35 High-Res Screenshots From The Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer

Earlier today we posted the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. It not only gave us a look at what the film will be about, but it also offered numerous glimpses at the excellent special effects set to be featured in the movie. We grabbed some screenshots from the trailer so you can get a better look at some of the best moments from the video.

Among the images below are more than a few looks at the queen exercising her evilness, turning into a flock of crows at one point and inhaling the youth out of a woman at another. There are also quite a few action shots of Kristen Stewart as Snow White, and Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman. We also get a look at the monster-beasties lurking in the woods, Snow White after she’s eaten the apple, and the classic kiss moment.

Watch the trailer here. And find more information and photos from Snow White and the Huntsman in our Blend Film Database.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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