Kevin Costner
He Wants To Get Back To Material That He’s Developing Himself
Kevin Costner has been acting in Hollywood for nearly three full decades now, but he is far from a one-dimensional star. In addition to being a leading man, he has also been working as both a producer and a director since 1990, not keeping his presence limited to being in front of the cameras. A big advantage of this is that it helps him get closer to making movies the way that he really wants to make them, and it’s that reason why at this point in his career the projects that interest him most are the ones that he is developing for himself.

A big part of that want is what he describes as his own "anal" approach. Said Costner, "I don’t start a movie until the script is done and completed, I don’t leave room for pages to start changing, for studios to start sliding notes under the door, whatever, I really like to know what I’m doing." For the actor/director/producer one of the most important aspects of the filmmaking process is the rehearsal period when a performer can really get everything planned out and a character straight in their head. Unfortunately the studio system has cut down on that a great deal in recent years.

Said Costner, "I like to rehearse, and so even the movies that I do I carve out almost a week and a half to two weeks for rehearsal, which is really not part of the budgets anymore these days. But I like my actors to do that because I don’t like to rehearse on the day, because I think all that is a blocking to me, I really like them to be comfortable, and I like to put them under pressure early so that when the day comes they’re more at ease… People do not value that process anymore."

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