Jessica Chastain wants to be in a comic book movie. She's come close in the past, as she was offered the role of Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3, but she unfortunately had to pass on that opportunity, letting the part go to Rebecca Hall instead. The reported reasoning behind the decision was that she had a scheduling conflict, but judging some recent remarks from the actress, a case could be made that she turned down the role for other reasons.

The Oscar nominee recently sat down for an interview with The Guardian and revealed that she is fighting for the chance to be in a superhero movie, but that she doesn’t want to get stuck in just some minor supporting role. Said Chastain,
"A couple of times I’ve gotten really close. The problem is, if I do a superhero movie, I don’t want to be the girlfriend. I don’t want to be the daughter. I want to wear a fucking cool costume with a scar on my face, with fight scenes. That’s what I’d love."

Thinking back on the Iron Man 3 role Chastain passed on, it's hard to blame her. Fortunately, however, there are a host of powerful comic book characters who would be incredibly well served with the actress ushering them to the big screen. In fact, here are 5 that would be perfect for her...

Poison Ivy
Now while Jessica Chastain said she wants to be in a superhero movie, she never said that she had to play the hero in the film. Thinking back through some of the biggest female villains in comic history, the prospect of Poison Ivy naturally has to be considered. With the Batman franchise being rebooted yet again, and Ben Affleck now playing the Caped Crusader, Chastain would make an excellent addition to the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery as Poison Ivy. Between her acting abilities and the awesome possibilities for a radical redesign of the costume and even the makeup, this is a solid initial prospect.

Given Chastain’s preferences, it’s possible the writers would play more towards the character’s evil tendencies as opposed to her seductive nature, which could be reflected in some drastic scarring throughout the character's body (matching more of her qualifications). After all, Ivy likes to play around with dangerous plants, and those can definitely cut and scar. With Jessica Chastain embodying the character, Poison Ivy can stop being a joke or a one-note sexpot and start being what she should have always been: a deadly threat. Everyone's been paying attention to DC's heroic roster, it's about time the villains score some massive firepower.

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