Marvel Says Thor Will Be A Girl Now

When Marvel made its announcement that it would reveal a major news item on ABC’s chat fest The View, fans scratched their heads. Of course, there is corporate synergy in the corporate entities that own ABC and Marvel, so pairing them made sense. And most made the logical connection that – because The View attracts a female audience – the news would have something to do with a female-centric hero. Ms. Marvel and Black Widow led the early speculation. I don’t think anyone guessed Thor, though, so this Tweet above has to be a surprise.

Well, the use of the word "thundering" in the press release suggested Thor, and now it has been confirmed. In the opening monologue – a roundtable discussion of news items -- the ladies of The View announced that Marvel will unveil a new comic book centered around a female character who picks up Thor’s hammer, turning herself into the new Thor.

As co-host Jenny McCarthy explained during the segment:

The story behind her is that she created herself. She was saved by Thor, and she came down from Earth – followed him – and made herself look like Thor. And now she’s taking over."

This isn’t groundbreaking. Thor Girl once wielded similar powers to the Asgardian god, and assisted him in battle. The blonde woman featured in images on The View looked a little like Tarene, the identity of Thor Girl, though we’re under the impression that this will be a completely new character. (Marvel is surprisingly mum on details at the moment, though I’m guessing more will be revealed in detail now that the cat is out of the bag.)

The introduction of a female Thor can – and should – have all sorts of implications in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ll have coverage touching on the ways that this news can affect Marvel’s formulating Phase 3 as the day progresses. For now, what do you think about a female Thor? Weigh in below.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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