Growing up, I was probably just as big a Ghostbusters fan as you. Its off-beat brand of humor and scares is one of the inspirations for my second book, A Boy and His Corpse. The movie was highly influential for me. So when I heard the news that there would be an all-female cast for the remake (reboot?) of the Ghostbusters franchise, I, like pretty much the entire Internet, went crazy. How could they replace Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon with one part Bridesmaids, and the other half SNL? Madness, sheer madness!

But once I got over my little hissy fit and actually thought about it, I realized something. This wasn’t a bad idea. In fact, it might be a pretty good idea. And not just for one reason, but five. So here are five glaringly obvious (once you think about it) reasons why an all-female cast for a Ghostbusters reboot is a great idea. Just hear me out.

Paul Feig has had success with all-female casts
I know what you’re saying. Bridesmaids and The Heat aren’t Ghostbusters. But that’s the beauty of why this could possibly work. Bridesmaids and The Heat are completely different films, and both of them are pretty gender neutral in terms of humor. So in that way, Paul Feig doesn’t have to go out of his way to make this funny. He already knows how to do it. If you can think back to female-led comedies in the past two decades, it’s hard to imagine anybody succeeding at it the way Paul Feig has.

And while Ghostbusters obviously can’t be loaded with F-bombs or people taking a dump in a sink, Paul Feig knows how to let his women roll with their own brand of humor. This could create the kind of the chummy, organic camaraderie we all know and love Ghostbusters for. I’m not saying we’re going to be forgetting about Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd anytime soon after this, but I at least think Paul Feig knows enough about directing females that we’ll get something we won’t be ashamed about liking. He’s succeeded in the past. He’ll likely do it again.

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