As long as there have been comic book movies, filmmakers have worked diligently to try and figure out the best way to translate superhero costumes to the big screen – and it has proven to be a trial and error process. The genre is full of sequels that have altered suit designs, usually in an attempt to try and improve on what was done before and/or appease fans of the characters on the page who were unhappy with earlier efforts. Sometimes this process creates some absolutely spectacular results, as the new look defines itself as a serious improvement from what was done before. But which ones are really the best of the best?

We have taken a long look back at the history of comic book movies and have determined the five best superhero costume upgrades we’ve seen within single franchises. Read on to see which designs made the cut!

The Amazing Spider-Man


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Rebooting the Spider-Man franchise after the end of Sam Raimi’s trilogy was certainly a big challenge for the filmmakers behind The Amazing Spider-Man. While the film was always going to be a retelling of the titular hero’s famous backstory, albeit with a few changes, the trick was to make the movie both look and feel different than its predecessor. One of the key elements in this shift was completely redesigning the web-slinger’s costume, not only building the hero a nifty pair of web shooters but also by radically changing the colors, lines and general look of the blue-and-red tights. It was a valiant effort, but the truth is that the get-up introduced in the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, completely blows it out of the water.

The new costume certainly looks a lot more like the classic version that Raimi used in his movies, but it even improves on that design in many ways. Clearly inspired by the look of the character from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics – a very heavy influence on the film in general – the new suit not only has a brighter, more vibrant color scheme (a perfect reflection of the comics’ lighter, upbeat tone), but also features giant white eyes that in a way are perfectly cartoonish. Simply put, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume is the best look we’ve seen for Spidey thus far.

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