From the moment Paul Feig revealed that he’d be doing a Ghostbusters reboot instead of a traditional sequel, the new movie has done everything that it could to stand on its own. Original stars might be returning for cameos, but they aren’t playing the same characters. In fact, from everything that we know, the events of the original two Ghostbusters movies won’t inform the action of Feig’s pending Ghostbusters. But that doesn’t mean the new trailer that just dropped doesn’t have clever nods and asides around each corner.

The trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie talks about the events from 30 years prior, and shows us the familiar firehouse and Ecto-1. Those are too obvious, though. As rabid Ghostbusters fans, we scoured every frame of Paul Feig’s new footage and found a handful of great Ghostbusters references. Need to see the new trailer one more time? Click here. How many of these did you catch?

Big Twinkie
As part of the new trailer, we see the four new Ghostbusters lining up to face an army of spirits in New York’s Times Square. Scan the digital billboards in the background, though, and you’ll see a Twinkie sign that should trigger this memory:

Indeed, Winston. That is a big Twinkie.

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