The Hobbit
The Extra Songs
The songs in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey get a bit of hate of casual movie-goers, as they do have a part in slowing down the first act of the film, but the truth is that the music is an element that any real Tolkien fan should be able to appreciate. After all, the lyrics that the characters sing come directly from the book, and a director who cares much less about the source material would have axed them completely. That on the table, there’s a lot to like about the two extra songs sung in the extended version of the movie.

There are actually two musical numbers that were ultimately left out of the Unexpected Journey theatrical cut – one with Bofur singing a tune while eating dinner in Rivendell, and the second sung by the Goblin King after capturing the dwarves – and while both are rather goofy, they make the earlier songs feel less out of place and also really capture a larger spirit of Tolkien’s book (even if the Bofur bit was a song from "Lord of the Rings").

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