Nominations for the SAG Awards never match nominations for the Academy Awards completely, but there is usually quite a bit of overlap. Last year, for example, both of the male categories matched 4/5. So, while the average person might not even watch the ceremony when it’s aired on TNT and TBS in January, if they’re into the Oscars at all, they should take a long hard look at the nominees that were released this morning and start getting used to most of the faces because they’ll be talked about for the next few months.

As Kristy pointed out in her response this morning, there weren’t a whole lot of drop-your-coffee-double-takes in the organization’s choices. Nothing was way the hell out of bounds, and no one who was considered a huge frontrunner was snubbed. Hidden within the seemingly obviously choices, however, are five clues that some of the larger films might be in some serious trouble for the Academy Awards. Whether because of a complete lack of nominations or merely way less than expected, there are five films that had worse mornings than expected.

Let’s talk about them.

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