5 Paul Clips Containing Alien Choking, Mind-reading, Lust And Resurrection

Here’s a few clips from the movie Paul, in which Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead and to a lesser but far more deserved extent Spaced fame find an alien which sounds like Seth Rogen and go on a road trip. Paul is a film which, like a lot of you, I really want to like but haven’t been able to find a good reason to based on the somewhat tepid trailers. So check out a few scenes without all the advertising polish, and see if they work any better for you in their purest form.

Warning: These clips do not contain enough Kristen Wiig. Proceed with caution.

I still can’t get past the idea that Paul looks an awful lot like Roger from American Dad and, for that matter, the premise seems kind of like an episode of that mediocre animated show in which Roger goes on a road trip with a couple of nerds. I stopped watching American Dad a long time ago, but if any of you still bother with it, let me know if this episode has actually been done in the comments section below.

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