2. Brian enters a plea deal
This was hinted at in Furious 6, with O’Conner returning to the United States as a prisoner to get closer to Braga, the drug lord he busted years prior. Knowing that the producers need to eliminate O’Conner from the franchise for the future, it’s possible that Brian – plagued by guilt for the crimes that he committed – turns himself over to the authorities (led by Hobbs, perhaps) and agrees to go away for a long, long time. In the process, he swears never to give up Dom and the crew. His silence solidifies his code, but it also means that Brian O’Conner will be cell-mate number 67549 for the rest of his life. Sad, but possible.

3. Brian simply retires
Ah, the old "no fanfare" approach. We don’t know how much film Walker shot before he passed away. Maybe he shot enough for Wan and his team to complete the bulk of Fast 7? Maybe Brian and Dom can get the best of Ian Shaw, allowing them to complete the mission at hand. And when all is said and done, Brian simply decides that he has had enough of the criminal life on the road. He’s going to hang up his car keys, and retire from the lifestyle. Universal did use the specific term "retire" when they discussed their plans for Walker’s character. This might not be the most satisfying end for the Furious mainstay, but I think it’s the closest guess to the ending that we are going to see.

Now, let’s get a little weird and have a little fun with some wish-fulfillment guess as to the fate of Brian O’Conner.

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