Who would have guessed when Peter Weller finally put on the Robocop suit back in 1987 that this laughably satirical script with an unknown leading man would ever amount to anything? Robocop eventually became one of the most beloved science fiction films of all time, cementing Paul Verhoeven’s status as one of the genre’s great satirists and establishing the character as a minor cottage industry of success.

Now that we have a radical new vision for the character in theaters with a $130 million remake, it’s time to look back and realize, "Hey: this is a really strange franchise." MGM and Sony want to restart the film series as an exciting cross-genre blockbuster, but the fact is Detroit’s metallic gunslinger has been pretty well-traveled. Here are six places we did not expect to find the very R-rated hero, but did.

In The Wrestling Ring
WCW fans knew that the wrestler Sting had an ongoing rivalry with Ric Flair. And when Flair’s Four Horsemen challenged Sting in a pay-per-view event called Capitol Combat, there was only guy Sting could call on for backup. The ensuing affair, part of the promotional cycle for Robocop 2, is not a highlight of a sport that is nonetheless beset by all sorts of janky promotional strategies.

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