6 Reasons Disney's Live Action Remakes Are Actually Working Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book blew away the competition this past weekend, providing a sure sign that their recent trend of retelling classic stories in a new medium is actually working. But this success isn’t merely by chance or brand loyalty. In fact, there are a couple really good reasons as to why the live-action renaissance at Disney is working out in their favor. Here now are the six reasons why Disney’s gamble on bringing their animated classics into the world of live-action has been nothing short of amazing.

They’re Opportunities To Expand On The Stories / Characters
While Disney’s animated classic canon is still legendary in both its artistry and its musical legacy, their depth of character and story was still an Achilles heel until the second golden age in the 1980’s. Disney couldn’t be faulted for this, as animated films were barely long enough to craft a basic story, much less a deeply layered deconstruction of stories like The Jungle Book or Alice In Wonderland. But thanks to the craze of live-action remakes, the canvas for those stories has expanded to a point where plots and characters we once knew as simple song factories have turned into poignant stories. Most impressively, the film Maleficent gave a deeper understanding to a one-note villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, providing a better reason for the titular villain’s scorn other than not being invited to a royal christening.

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