In the space of two and a half weeks, spanning from the end of May to the beginning of June, both Taylor Kitsch and Andrew Stanton went on record as saying they were upset that the next two John Carter films weren't happening. While it's sad that these films never came to pass, it's even sadder that Walt Disney Pictures lost out on $200 million on the underperforming blockbuster hopeful of 2012. For a movie that is actually pretty damned good, and also such a lynchpin of science fiction as we know it, to sink faster than the Titanic on fast forward is a real shame.

Had this film succeeded, we'd probably be looking at a different cinematic landscape right now: one where Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are freely adapted without shame or fear of internet backlash. And yet, I'm here today to tell you that it is time to return to the land of Barsoom and continue to enjoy the adventures of John Carter of Mars. The time is right, the market is ready, and Disney seems to have some extra money lying around that can be used to make it happen.

The Men From Mars
Andrew Stanton And Taylor Kitsch Are Amped About It
Starting with the obvious advantage the film has in its court, John Carter still resonates not only with Andrew Stanton but also with Taylor Kitsch. In an interview, Kitsch had mentioned he's seen the script for the next film and went as far as saying it was not only "emotionally taxing" but also "fucking awesome." Mr. Stanton was, of course, developing an entire trilogy of films as the first one was in production, and considering that he went as far as having title cards made up for both of them shows how much he wishes he were working on this project. While Andrew Stanton is on the hook for Finding Dory at the moment and Taylor Kitsch is all over the place, you could bet that if they were given an opportunity to film the John Carter sequels, they'd drop everything in a heartbeat.

Which is why Walt Disney Studios should be seizing the moment and signing both of them, and anyone else along for the ride, to multi-picture contracts. Taylor Kitsch could surely find a place within the new Star Wars saga, and Andrew Stanton could very easily make multiple films for Pixar – which could include another Finding Nemo sequel , a Wall-E sequel, or something new altogether. The studio can hedge their bets by contractually obligating both men to sure fire hits, and in return allow them to play in the sandbox they love so much.

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