To put it bluntly, Jem and the Holograms did not work as a movie. Not only was the film taken apart by critics, but it also epically failed at the box office – managing to land 15th place on the domestic box office chart. But just because that animated series didn’t take off in live-action doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that others can’t – and there are actually a number of shows that could actually still work after a change in medium.

There are certainly many cartoons from television history that would not work for movies – either because of their stories or style – but we’ve looked back and collected a list of titles that actually could survive the transition (after being put in the proper filmmaking hands, of course). So which ones did we pick? Read on to find out!

Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond
These days we’re seeing every kind of superhero story adapted for the big screen, but one area ripe with potential and yet to be explored are the comics that depict a futuristic Earth where the age of heroes live on. If DC Comics wants to get to this type of title before Marvel can launch 2099, there exists a perfect opportunity with the flashy series Batman Beyond. Centering on an older Bruce Wayne training his successor as Batman in a neon-fueled vision of Gotham City, a live-action translation of the show could be a terrific way to either eventually continue the legacy of Ben Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight a few years down the line, or possibly just reboot the franchise post-DC Cinematic Universe without having to do over all of the elements we’ve seen a number of times already.

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