The following analysis is mostly spoiler free but does include a discussion of the end of the film. You have been warned

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has had an incredibly successful week at the box office, but once the movie has been seen, the opinions are less kind. The vast majority of critics have railed against the movie, and while the reaction among most fans has been kinder, the chunk of them that didn’t like it is not insignificant.

I was among the group (as both a fan and a critic) who, generally speaking, had more problems with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice than I would have liked. Having said that, I didn’t think the movie was entirely bad. There were absolutely some solid things, some shining moments, in there that are worth calling out. Here are just a few of the things that Zack Snyder's Dawn of Justice did right.

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Batman’s Motivations
At the beginning of this discussion, let’s start at the beginning of the film. Many people had an issue with how Man of Steel ended and the opening to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gave those people some measure of respect. Through Bruce Wayne, we see the ground level perspective of not just the destruction, but the fight between Superman and Zod itself. Bruce sees people injured and killed as collateral damage of a fight that nobody on earth wanted any part of. This is what leads Batman to not trust Superman, and it makes complete sense. The film’s basic conflict was set up beautifully.

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