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Back in December we posted an incredible 70-minute review of The Phantom Menace by a reviewer named "Mr. Plinkett," who tore the film limb from limb, deconstructing its horrible characters, structure, and story while also providing plenty of laughs and a sketchy vibe. It was the perfect analysis of a movie whose director became so focused on the visual elements that the story suffered as a result. Why does that seem so familiar? Oh, that's right. Because a movie just like that has been number one at the box office for seven straight weeks. That's right: Mr. Plinkett is now going after Avatar.

While not nearly as long as his Star Wars review, clocking in at about 18 minutes, the character created by YouTube user RedLetterMedia is once again successful in demonstrating the flaws of the film. It should be said that he does not give it the full Phantom Menace treatment (in fact, at the end he actually praises some aspects of the film), but does an excellent job pointing out that Avatar was not so much a film as it was a tool to both progress technology in film and make a shit-ton of money.

Check out the review below (it's only in two parts this time!)

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