Kevin Feige holds the keys to the Marvel Studios kingdom, and when he speaks, Marvel movie fans listen. If you believe what he has said in the past, the president of Marvel Studios has a tentative plan for feature films through 2028 (even though the studio has only claimed vacant release dates through 2019). Needless to say, when you are offered a few minutes to grill Feige on pressing Marvel issues, you jump at the chance, which is why I was sitting down with him and a small group of journalists attending San Diego Comic-Con.

The focus of the conversation lingered on Guardians of the Galaxy, of course, because Feige knows that a lot of what Marvel would like to do in Phase 3 and beyond depends on audiences accepting some of the oddities in James Gunn’s movie. But with so much happening on Marvel’s cinematic front, we lept from topic to topic and tried to cover as much ground as possible. Here are a few of the major things we discovered.

Age of Ultron
Joss Whedon knew, during the filming of The Avengers, that he wanted to do Ultron next.
The way Kevin Feige positions it, this happens a lot on movies, where those in the know start to discuss what will happen next. "Ultron came up very early on [in the discussion]," Feige told us. "And Joss was like, ‘What do you mean, "What do you do?" It’s Ultron. You DO Ultron!’"

So the studio has been shaping plans to get to Age of Ultron for years. There are, according to Feige, certain visuals and story beats that they have seen in the comics that they want to bring to Whedon’s second Avengers movie. Also, this movie has extreme relevance because it will conclude the studio’s Phase 2 strategy. "Every choice that has been made in Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier was made, one, to make those movies as entertaining as possible. But also knowing that it means things could be very different at the start of Avengers 2 as they were at the end of Avengers 1."

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