8 Movie-Related Costumes Way Too Lame To Be For Halloween: 2012 Edition

Tonight is Halloween, and if you're diligent and prepared, you've long since planned your costume and may have even worn it out on Saturday night. If you're more like many of us, you are now scrambling to come up with something to wear when kids knock on your door asking for candy. If you read this site regularly you may be considering going with a movie-related costume, and on some levels, we support you! We love movies and we love honoring our favorite ones on holidays like this one.

But at the same time, be careful! There's coming up with a creative movie-related costume, and then there's stepping out onto the street dressing up like every other schmuck-- and that's doubly risky when you're choosing to dress as a character from a movie this year. Below we've got 8 costumes that are way too lame to pick for Halloween, and some tips on how you can make them a little more inventive-- or, in one case, a little more topical. We're not trying to tell you how to enjoy your Halloween, or even that your Bane or Katniss costumes aren't good; we just want to help you stand out from the rest of the movie-loving pack. Check out our suggestions below, and Happy Halloween!

Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)


WHY? Because he had his moment, and it was several Comic Cons ago.

IF YOU MUST: Take credit for knocking out all of New York's bridges and tunnels during Hurricane Sandy.


WHY? Because she's the obvious female hero of the year, and little girls need to look up to her, not see the slutty version puking on the curb.

IF YOU MUST: Be Effie Trinket! Or Cinna! Or one of the most glamorous side characters from the Hunger Games universe.

The Lorax

WHY? Because despite the fact that the movie was a hit, it's all but forgotten now, and slapping on a giant orange mustache does not count as a costume.

IF YOU MUST: Deck yourself out with all the wasteful products The Lorax partnered with and ask how someone can speak for the trees while also endorsing cars.

The Men In Black

WHY? Because this has been an easy costume for years for any men who own black suits, and nothing about this year's installment changed that.

IF YOU MUST: Go as Michael Stuhlbarg's knit hat-wearing lunatic who can see all the possible futures. Just as easy a costume and way more fun.

John Carter

WHY? Because it's incredibly unlikely anyone will get the costume unless you go all out with the loincloth and Taylor Kitsch-smirk, and for the people who actually liked the movie, it'll just bring back the sting of its box office failure.

IF YOU MUST: Go as the giant green alien creature Tars Tarkas, voice by Willem Dafoe. It's immensely more challenging-- so it's probably too late to put that costume together for tonight-- but think of the payoff!

The Engineer from Prometheus

WHY? Because you're never going to be able to do it as well as this guy. Also, without enough body paint, you may easily be mistaken for John Carter.

IF YOU MUST: Actually murder people. Commit!

Any incarnation of Snow White

WHY? Because two different movies did it this year, in their own ways, and the poor lady needs a rest.

IF YOU MUST: Go with the completely old-school Disney version. It helps to be a five-year-old girl to pull this costume off.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend