Tonight is Halloween, and if you're diligent and prepared, you've long since planned your costume and may have even worn it out on Saturday night. If you're more like many of us, you are now scrambling to come up with something to wear when kids knock on your door asking for candy. If you read this site regularly you may be considering going with a movie-related costume, and on some levels, we support you! We love movies and we love honoring our favorite ones on holidays like this one.

But at the same time, be careful! There's coming up with a creative movie-related costume, and then there's stepping out onto the street dressing up like every other schmuck-- and that's doubly risky when you're choosing to dress as a character from a movie this year. Below we've got 8 costumes that are way too lame to pick for Halloween, and some tips on how you can make them a little more inventive-- or, in one case, a little more topical. We're not trying to tell you how to enjoy your Halloween, or even that your Bane or Katniss costumes aren't good; we just want to help you stand out from the rest of the movie-loving pack. Check out our suggestions below, and Happy Halloween!

WHY? Because he had his moment, and it was several Comic Cons ago.
IF YOU MUST: Take credit for knocking out all of New York's bridges and tunnels during Hurricane Sandy.

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