With so many studios building major franchises that encompass multiple films, their movie release calendar just keeps looking further and further into the future. What’s more, when you’re the Walt Disney Company, you have multiple franchises running all at the same time through their multiple studios. The upside of all that is that we can take a look at an entire year of films from one studio and get an idea of what we’re in for three years from now.

While release dates are always subject to change, the current 2019 slate for Walt Disney’s company looks absolutely insane. Not only are there many movies on this list, but some of them are highly anticipated even now. Major sequels and the conclusion of not one but two major franchises will all take place in the same 12 month period. Here’s the list.

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Captain Marvel - March 8
We’re still bummed that we have to wait until 2019 for Captain Marvel. This will be the first female-led superhero movie from Marvel Studios and that by itself makes it a high-interest film. Every woman in Hollywood who’s ever thrown a punch has been rumored for the role, and most that haven’t, thrown a punch that is, would love to start here. This one has reportedly been a tough script to write, but they still have time, and an amazing pair of writers making it happen.

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