Watch Vin Diesel Audition For Marvel's The Inhumans

You know that Marvel has taken over pop culture when a fairly small property like Inhumans is currently the brand that everybody is talking about. They’re all over television, and the idea that there might not be a movie is just about the worst possible thing Marvel could do right now in the eyes of fans. Assuming the film does move forward, one of the names currently rumored to be featured is Vin Diesel as Black Bolt. Diesel, for his part, knows exactly what is needed to nail the role. Check out his impromptu audition below.

Diesel isn’t staying quiet because he’s signed an NDA, but rather because Black Bolt is an Inhuman who can unleash a shockwave capable of leveling a city simply by speaking. A whisper could knock your house down. Diesel obviously already knows all of this as he immediately goes into silent mode when asked how he would play the role by IGN. It’s kind of the perfect role for Diesel to play on screen. As Vin himself points out, it would give him one character where he provides a voice but is never seen, that of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot, and then another where he provides the body, but would not speak. This is apparently a conversation he’s already had with Marvel studios head Kevin Feige, so all this may not be entirely speculation.

It gets even better when Diesel shows his "geek cred" by dropping references to Terrigen Mist and cocoons entirely unprompted. Even if you’ve only been exposed to the Inhumans via Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you’ll be familiar with the gas that triggers special abilities in the Inhuman characters and the cocoon they enter after being exposed. We do have to point out, however, that in discussing Diesel’s father’s standard email sign off, Vin asks if his dad might want to cocoon him "again." Again? The statement implies that he’s already been cocooned once. Actually, just look at the guy, he’s obviously already been exposed to the mist once and come out with super strength of some kind. How else does a geek that big look like that?

Whether or not there will actually be an Inhumans movie has become a topic of debate over the last week. While the project is still on Marvel’s official schedule, a rumor has been going around that it was going to be removed. Nothing is official at this point, but it appears that Diesel will continue to campaign for the Black Bolt role, and others will also continue to do it for him, until something happens one way or the other.

Dirk Libbey
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