9 Extreme Batman V Superman Reaction Tweets From Fans Lucky Enough To See It

Months ago, DC Comics fans curious to see the first footage from Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice paid to see a trailer presentation in IMAX. The director recorded an introduction, showed the trailer twice, and ended the clip with a brief shot of the two heroes, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill), charging at each other, ready for battle. It wasn’t much, but the true reward arrived Monday night. Those same fans were invited to an early screening of Batman v Superman, and reactions are all over the map.

Celebrating the fact that they were able to see it first, fans took to Twitter using the hashtag #IMAXBVS, and filed their extreme reactions to Zack Snyder’s newest blockbuster. Seeing as how the audiences from coast to coast were largely people who paid money to see a trailer for Batman v Superman on the big screen, it’s not too surprising that positive tweets were in abundance. However, the level of praise was surprisingly high… even for fanboy nation.

The Positive

Things started off well for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hard to get better than this:

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Wow! "The greatest superhero film ever" is about the highest praise you can muster. But that Tweet wasn’t alone:

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Warner Bros. is hoping for a game changer. Dawn of Justice is positioned as the kick off to a much larger DC Cinematic Universe, setting up solo movies from Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash, as well as two Justice League films. If WB execs are reading Tweets like this, they must be feeling pretty good.

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Then again, not every Tweet was positive. Some were downright vicious. Keep reading to see who hated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Negative

As mentioned, Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice held early screenings for select fans in top markets on Monday night, and social media exploded with reactions. Many were favorable. Some were not. Here’s one way to douse the expectations of a feverish fan base. Compare the movie that they are dying to see to Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace:

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Ooof. That’s just mean. The comparison to Phantom Menace can’t be looked at any other way then calling BvS a disappointment. This guy also helped put Batman v Superman in context, weighing the hype and the expectations versus what was delivered:

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Finally, two extremely harsh Tweets dropped, both basically calling for a delay to Justice League:

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And this lady, who wouldn’t call herself a fan:

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What does it mean? Is Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie in trouble? Let’s see what one Twitter user said about their faith in DC’s far-reaching plans.

DC Films' Future

While it’s difficult to judge the future of the DC Cinematic Universe on one film, Warner Bros. does have plenty riding on Batman v Superman, as its success can lay a strong foundation for the movies that DC and WB already have in the pipeline. August will bring a Suicide Squad movie, and Zack Snyder recently shared a photo from the set of Justice League, proving to fans that the production was nearing (and that he would be at the helm).

So this reaction, from Monday night’s screening, will likely make the studio’s day:

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Followed by:

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Zack Snyder isn’t directing ALL of the DC films. He’s turning the reigns over to the likes of David Ayer, Patty Jenkins and James Wan, to name just a few. But his fingerprints will be all over the DC Universe, and he’s on tap to direct the first Justice League movie, at the very least. So tell us: Do these early reactions have you more excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? It opens everywhere on March 25.

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