Abigail Breslin is no stranger to the thriller/horror genre. In addition to making her debut with M. Night Shyamalan's Signs back in 2002, she worked alongside Damian Lewis in 2004's Keane and had a co-starring role in Zombieland, which is mostly a comedy but certainly has its scares. Apparently she has a real affinity for it, though, because she's ready to add yet another title to her resume.

Variety has learned that Breslin has joined the cast of The Hive, the new film from director Brad Anderson. What's also interesting is that the trade says Halle Berry is still attached to play the lead, despite the fact that a report came out in January saying that she had to drop it due to scheduling conflicts (that story came from Variety as well). The story follows a 9-1-1 operator (Berry) who must work to save a young girl (Breslin) who is being attacked by a serial killer. Joel Schumacher was originally attached to direct but was replaced by Anderson, whose previous credits include The Machinist, Vanishing on 7th Street and Session 9. Breslin was last seen in Garry Marshall's New Year's Eve and has two films coming out this year: Stanley M. Brooks's Perfect Sisters and Wayne Thornley's animated Zambezia.

In a statement about Breslin's casting, Anderson said, "Abigail is always wonderful playing vulnerable characters so I feel really lucky to have her for this role." The Hive was written by Rich D'Ovidio, whose previous work includes Thir13en Ghosts and Exit Wounds. Production on the film is scheduled to begin this spring.

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