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A few weeks ago one of your nerdier friends may have forwarded you a link to "Pixels," the short film by Patrick Jean that went viral on YouTube, featuring a series of 8-bit pixels from the golden age of video games attacking New York City. It was clever, it was concise, it was perfect for the Internet, and it was definitely not something that instantly made you think of its movie potential.

And yet, that's what Adam Sandler had in mind. Deadline reports that Sandler's Happy Madison production company has bought the rights to the film, and they're speculating that Columbia might want dibs on it, since they've worked with Happy Madison on nearly everything else. There's no telling what anyone might do with a movie version of this, other than that they would advertise it as a digital take on Cloverfield and possibly get Roland Emmerich to direct. Check out the video below and see if you can come up with any other ideas.

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