We've been excited for writer/director Stu Zicherman's indie comedy A.C.O.D. ever since 2011 when it was announced that Adam Scott would be playing the lead role, and now that time is almost here. Following its debut at the Sundance Film Festival back in January, the movie is finally getting ready to hit theaters and has now released its first trailer via Yahoo!

Based on an original screenplay by Zicherman and The Daily Show's Ben Karlin, A.C.O.D. tells the story of Carter (Scott), a fairly average guy who has one major problem in his life: his parents (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara) have been divorced for 15 years and have always kept him in the middle of crossfire. Seeking advice he goes to an old therapist (Jane Lynch), but there he makes the surprising discovery that he was actually the subject of a study on divorce when he was a kid. He is asked to participate in a study to find out the effects that divorce has on an adult, and the whole situation throws Carter's life off kilter. Jessica Alba, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Amy Poehler, Clark Duke and Adam Pally all co-star in the film, making up an extremely impressive ensemble.

For me the most exciting part about this film is just seeing Adam Scott is a big, leading man role. The guy has proven to be consistently hilarious on TV, starring in shows like the cancelled-too-soon Party Down and the continuing-to-be-amazing Parks and Recreation, and has played some amazing supporting roles on the big screen - my favorite thus far being his part as Will Ferrell's dickhead brother in Adam McKay's Step Brothers:

I'm also very curious to see how Scott's relationship works out with Amy Poehler's character in A.C.O.D. Their characters are matched perfectly chemistry-wise on Parks and Recreation - where they play a married couple - and the dynamic between them appears to be much, much different in the new movie. Judging from the trailer they will get at least one scene where they are alone together and have a conversation, so we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

What's disappointing is that we're actually not 100% when the movie is actually going to be in theaters. Film Arcade is serving as a distributor on the film, but as you could probably tell by the "Coming Soon" title at the end of the trailer they have not yet set a release date. Hopefully we'll learn that information soon and we'll know exactly when we'll be able to go see it.

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