This March, Focus Features has Admission set to arrive in theaters. Directed by About a Boy's Paul Weitz, the film stars TIna Fey and Paul Rudd and follows Fey's character Portia Nathan, a college recruiter who reunites with an old college friend (Rudd) when she visits the alternative high school he oversees. The trailer for the film has arrived and it gives us an idea of what's in store for Fey's character as she juggles her job and her personal life, which seem to be crossing with one another.

Princeton University is looking for the most remarkable freshman class in the school's history, according to what Wallace Shawn's character says at the start of the trailer below, which comes courtesy of Yahoo. Fey's character Portia is among the people trying to make that happen (and trying to earn a promotion in the process), which leads her to John Pressman's alternative high school, where she meets Rudd's character and one of his students, Jeremiah (Nat Wolff). Things seem to get kind of complicated but there.

It looks like they're aiming for charming and funny with this one. The trailer and the official synopsis for the film (below) indicate that there's a chance Jeremiah's Portia's son, whom she put up for adoption. Maybe he is, or maybe he's just an unusual kid that Fey's character connects with. Either way, the trailer hops around a bit with the plot and some of the amusing moments throughout the story, but the cast looks great and the story certainly has potential.
Tina Fey (Date Night, 30 Rock) and Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, Knocked Up) star in Admission, the new film directed by Academy Award nominee Paul Weitz (About a Boy), about the surprising detours we encounter on the road to happiness. Straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan (Fey) is caught off-guard when she makes a recruiting visit to an alternative high school overseen by her former college classmate, the free-wheeling John Pressman (Rudd). Pressman has surmised that Jeremiah (Nat Wolff), his gifted yet very unconventional student, might well be the son that Portia secretly gave up for adoption many years ago. Soon, Portia finds herself bending the rules for Jeremiah, putting at risk the life she thought she always wanted -- but in the process finding her way to a surprising and exhilarating life and romance she never dreamed of having.

Admission arrives in theaters March 8, 2013.

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