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Adult sex comedy isn’t just for kids anymore. Rogue Pictures has picked up a sex-romp pitch from a guy named Erik Lindsay with a main character nearly thirty. Gross. Nobody wants to see old people have sex.

The Hollywood Reporter says Joe Nussbaum has already been tapped to direct it. Nussbaum’s next project is the straight-to-video sequel American Pie 5: The Naked Mile, which was also written by Lindsay. Alright, that sounds bad. But Nussbaum is also the director and writer of the much buzzed movie George Lucas In Love, and IMDB says he once wrote a Statlor and Waldorf special for television. Anyone in bed with the Muppets is ok by me.

Since this is a movie about adults having really funny sex and not about decapitations or the torturing of half-naked coeds in a freaky European hostel, expect the MPAA to rate the bumping of uglies right out of it.