Aftershock Trailer Features Earthquake Horrors Down In South America

In 2010 an earthquake occurred just off the coast of central Chile, rated an 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale. The resulting tsunami was absolutely devastating, not only killing over 500 people, but also doing an incredible amount of damage to cities an infrastructure. And now Eli Roth and director Nicolás López are preparing to give you the experience of that horrible, destructive seismic event first hand with their new movie Aftershock - and now the first look at the film has arrived online.

Radius TWC - the newest arm of The Weinstein Company - has debuted the first trailer for the new flick, which doesn't seem to focus so much on the Chilean people dealing with the destruction of their country as much as it does a group of American tourists. So it's kind of like someone made a horror version of The Impossible. Scope out the preview below.

Written by Roth and Lopez, the movie follows a group of tourists as they journey through South America. While at an underground nightclub in Chile the world around them begins to fall apart, as an unbelievable natural disaster strikes. But as much damage as the earthquake causes, it's nothing compared to what human beings can do when put into panic mode. Roth stars in the film as well along with Andrea Osvárt, Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez, Lorenza Izzo, Natasha Yarovenko, and Selena Gomez. Aftershock played at the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest earlier this year and will be heading to theaters at some point in 2013.

Eric Eisenberg
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