Alan Alda Joins The Cast Of Wanderlust And Tower Heist

Though he's only made five films in the last ten years, and zero in the last two, Alan Alda is ready to get back into gear. The former star of M.A.S.H. has booked two new film gigs, Wanderlust and Tower Heist, according to THR. In the first film, directed by David Wain, Alda will play the leader of a naturalist village that Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd escape modernity to join. In Tower Heist, a Brett Ratner directed, Ben Stiller-starring comedy, Alda will play the villain, a Bernie Madoff-type character, whom Stiller plans to rob.

Now 74, Alda is getting up there in years, but it doesn't seem as though his talent is in anyway deteriorating. He was fantastic when he played Alec Baldwin's father on the third season of 30 Rock and his time as Senator Arnold Vinick on West Wing only ended four years ago. Here's looking forward to seeing what he can do in these two films.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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