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Count me among thodr who thought Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Javier Bardem brought out the best in each other for the soul-stirring Biutiful, a difficult drama about facing down one’s mortality, that earned the actor a well-deserved Best Actor nomination at last year's Academy Awards. In fact, I so enjoyed the duo’s collaboration that I desperately hope they find a way to work together on Inarritu’s next project, which was just announced by The Wrap.

The Babel and 21 Grams director will adapt The Revenant, a revenge story set in the 1800s that was penned by novelist Michael Punke. The lead character is a fur trader who is mortally wounded in a bear attack. Though his partner, the captain of the lead's ship, attempts to carry the wounded man to safety, he eventually gives up and leaves his damaged friend to die. The captain hires two men to stay back and bury the fur trader, but instead of protecting him they rob him of his things and leave. The twist comes when the fur trader survives and sets out on a mission to make the two thieves pay.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to see Bardem in the role of the fur trader? It could be perfect training for his eventual turn as Roland, gunslinger in search of the legendary Dark Tower… if that ever comes to pass.

The Wrap notes that Mark L. Smith wrote the screenplay while Akiva Goldsman is on board to produce. No word on whether Smith’s narrative jumps from start to finish to middle to start and back to middle, which is how Inarritu prefers to tell most of his stories. Either way, the material appears tailored to his strengths, and if he can somehow coax Bardem into any of the stated roles, I’ll be gung-ho for The Revenant.

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