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Alex Tse has already made his name as a screenwriter by adapting a work people thought was unadaptable-- Alan Moore's Watchmen. And because he apparently likes the challenge of adapting works by inscrutable and possibly hostile authors, he'll next be taking on the Fourth Realm Trilogy, written by possible nutjob John Twelve Hawks.

THR reports that Fox has hired Tse for the gig, with Gil Netter and Andrew Tennenbaum producing. The series follows a group of people trying to escape a Big Brother-like American government, people who can "project their spirit into other dimensions." No, I don't understand it either, but it's at least pretty intriguing sci-fi. Twelve Hawks (not his real name) is something of a legend for his intense secrecy-- neither his editor or his agent have ever met him, and he only speaks on the phone via voice scrambler. He apparently lives "off the grid," which means it's pretty unlikely he'll know much about the movie adaptation or care. That's got to be better than Alan Moore wishing Zack Snyder would die, right?

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