Ali Larter Is Beyonce's Other Woman

Beyonce was supposed to have been the big deal in Dreamgirls, making her debut as a “serious actress” and forcing us to stop calling her Bootylicious. But she was overshadowed by Jennifer Hudson, as we all remember, and we haven’t heard much from her on the acting front in the last year.

Looks like she’s aiming to change that. She already signed up to play singer Etta James in Cadillac Records, and now Variety reports that she’s joining Heroes’ Ali Larter and American Gangster’s Idris Elba in the horror thriller Obsessed. Elba plays a man married to a hottie (Beyonce, duh) until a temp working in the office tries to seduce him. Sounds like the plight of every married man from the 1950s, based on what I’ve learned in the movies.

This sounds like it could be a darker role for Beyonce, unless they take it in the “wronged wife” direction, which is totally possible. We all know that Larter is totally capable of playing a crazy person, so I assume she’s good to go in the psycho stalker role. But, bad news for Beyonce, the stalker role is the one that usually gets the most attention (hellooo, Fatal Attraction!) So will this be another case of Beyonce getting shined off the screen by some up-and-comer, relegated to hanging with Jay-Z and spending her millions wherever she pleases? Will someone please think of the child of destiny??

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend