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We've known it for years as Cameron Crowe's Untitled Hawaiian Romantic Comedy, but the Almost Famous director's latest feature now has a name - Aloha - and a brand new trailer to trailer to go with it. Check it out below!

This trailer comes to us via People, and I'm kind of sad to say that I'm a touch underwhelmed by it. When descriptions of the movie's plot first started leaking online back in 2013, they painted a picture of a rather oddball romantic comedy that would see mystical forces and a sentient computer convince Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone's characters to sabotage a weapons satellite launch that he was assigned to Hawaii to protect. That, however, is not the movie that is being presented here.

Instead, this trailer paints the movie as much more standard fare from Cameron Crowe that has Bradley Cooper torn between a new, younger woman and a former lover (Rachel McAdams) whom he doesn't seem to be quite over. I will give the spot some credit, as the presences of both Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski are good for a laugh in their short segments, but over all I think my expectations were set for a much weirder movie.

In actuality, the only thing "strange" in this Aloha trailer are the title cards that really don't do a great job of selling Cameron Crowe. First off, why promote him as the director of Jerry Maguire when he's also the filmmaker behind the most recent and universally beloved Almost Famous?

Aloha Cameron Crowe

Furthermore, why is Cameron Crowe simply called an Academy Award nominee when he won the prize for Best Original Screenplay for - again - Almost Famous?

Aloha Cameron Crowe

I will admit that the bit at the end with the star-gazing and close-ups on eyes gives me some hope that Aloha will wind up being the film I was expecting, but for right now I'm just a tad bit skeptical about it. And that fact makes me pretty damn said considering it feels like forever since we've seen Danny McBride on the big screen. Aloha, which also stars Bill Murray, Ivana Milicevic, Jay Baruchel and Edi Gathegi in addition to all the actors mentioned above, will be in theaters on May 29th.

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