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There have been rumors that the ending to I Am Legend wasn’t the only way they’d planned for the movie to turn out. In fact, the movie went through massive re-shoots before finally being released last year. Now what appears to be the original, alternate ending to I Am Legend is online. It couldn’t possibly be more different from the way the movie ended in theaters.

You can watch it for yourself below, but let me just say this: Though this does a better job of capturing the spirit of the book, I can totally understand why they reshot it. I don’t really think this ending gets it right either. The movie needed something in between these two endings, neither really quite does the job. This one nails the message of the book, but the way it’s done is kind of cheesy and really doesn’t fit with what went on in the rest of the movie. The theatrical ending fits with the rest of the movie, but it ignores some of the subtler issues raised in the film and completely tramples over all the really big stuff the book its based on tried to convey . Put the two together and maybe the movie would gotten the kind of ending it deserved.

Anyway, here’s I Am Legend’s alternate ending. Watch: