Here in the U.S., the weekend's big box office story is Ted and Magic Mike, both of which had much better weekends than anybody expected, with Ted even setting new records for R-rated comedies. But overseas they're already getting a look at the big upcoming superhero movie, and they too are liking what they see. According to Deadline, The Amazing Spider-Man opened to a killer $50 million in its Asian release, earning more than the Avengers did in its own international opening in some locations.

Spidey won't debut in the United States until July 3, and the grosses in some European countries-- like Germany and Holland-- were undoubtedly harmed by the EuroCup soccer finals. But grosses like $13.4 million in Korea and $11.4 million Japan were very, very strong signs for the movie's overseas performance, especially given that rival studios say tracking for the U.S. and Canada is "flat." Still, that tracking was still rumored to bring the movie more than $100 million in its Fourth of July holiday week opening, so no weeping for Peter Parker just yet.

And while if you're American you might be forgiven for not even knowing there's a fourth Ice Age movie coming, the new animated film is already out overseas, and already raking in cash. Deadline has Fox crowing that the movie had an "absolutely extraordinary opening weekend," including setting new opening record in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile. It has made $78 million overseas already, with openings still to come throughout Europe and of course the United States, on July 13. The last Ice Age film, released in 2009, made a stellar $196 in the United States and then a mind-boggling $690 million overseas on top of that; clearly Fox knows it's international audiences who will keep the cash flowing in.

But for now, let's focus on The Amazing Spider-Man, and the upcoming domestic release that will give us plenty to learn over the course of the Wednesday holiday. Let us know in the comments if you're one of those lucky international viewers who's seen it already, or if you're poised to help make it a hit when it debuts in Peter Parker's homeland.

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