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Amazing Spider-Man Spoiler Rumors Reveal The Lizard's Battle Plan

Almost everyone agrees that the big problem with Spider-Man 3, aside from that whole dance scene, was that it had too many villains. So hopefully they’re scaling things back for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man. The movie’s villain is supposed to be the Lizard, and that seems to be a good idea. So how will he fight Spidey? Big Fanboy may have uncovered a few spoiler details. Read no further if you aren’t interested in knowing before you see it.

WARNING: Possible Amazing Spider-Man spoilers follow.

Read no further if you don't want to know!

Big Fanboy’s source was on set during the filming of a sequence in which the Lizard turns an entire S.W.A.T. team into reptilian creatures, presumably some sort of cloned version of himself. Basically the Lizard is fighting Spidey with science and, since before his transformation he was Dr. Curt Connors, that makes a lot of sense.

Connors is played in the film by Rhys Ifans and as far as we know he’s the movie’s only bad guy. Irrfan Khan has been cast in the film as a character who eventually becomes a villain, the proto-goblin, but rumor has it that we won’t see him as anything other than Nels van Adder in this film, though Khan describes his role as pivotal. Instead it sounds like the movie will be all Spidey versus Lizard and his reptilian army. Sounds fun. We’ve never really seen Spidey take on large groups of enemies, even in Spidey 3 where he had to take on multiple villains, all his battles seemed to boil down to one on ones. Let’s see what the webhead’s spidey sense can do against groups of super-powered foes.

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