Blockbusters are malleable things. Often, several hands get to touch a script, as is the case with the Man Of Steel Sequel that recently was given a touch-up by Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio. The fact that Terrio may be finished with his draft of the script may not spell the end of development. Entire films have been written on sets, on lunch breaks or even in the middle of shooting. Reportedly, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation was written in long-hand while in the bath. That’s not true at all, but the fact that you had to think about it suggests the myriad of ways that screenwriters ply their craft.

Amy Adams, an Oscar nominated actress who is excellent this year in both Her and American Hustle, just happens to be very low on the totem in regards to DC’s big team-up movie. She’ll be returning as intrepid reporter Lois Lane, and she told Jimmy Kimmel (via Comic Book Movie) that she has indeed read the script and that it will be filming soon. What this does confirm is that Adams is at least in the loop, and that Lois will be a major player in… the current draft of the script. Terrio was re-writing David S. Goyer’s script, and it’s very likely Terrio could himself be re-written. Terrio may be Ben Affleck’s guy, but if Chris Nolan stops by and says he wants to contribute some material, they are not gonna say no.

This film is being described as a Superman movie through and through (which could ALSO change), which suggests that the still-blossoming relationship between Lois and Clark will be a priority for the film, much moreso than the arrival of Batman in Metropolis. Adams is a peerless actress amongst her generation, and it would be terrible to see her vanish within the noise and clutter of a superhero mash-up. It is worth remembering that Margot Kidder requested her career-defining role in the Superman films be trimmed for the third and fourth films. We’d hate to see the WB put Adams in that position as well. You want to give her the best material possible, and that’s sort of impossible while Superman is looking for things to punch.

The Man Of Steel sequel, which Adams claims is "filming soon," stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa, all of whom will be punching things. It also includes Adams and Oscar-nominated actors Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne, all of whom deserve some juicy material, none of whom deserve to be just standing around, watching superpowered people punch each other endlessly. Hopefully Terrio, Warner Bros., and whomever is responsible for the next credited or uncredited re-write, knows that.

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