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Amy Schumer has managed to become Hollywood royalty pretty much in record time. Between her astoundingly hilarious standup routines, her hit television series, and her burgeoning big screen career, she seems to have permeated every level of the entertainment industry. At this point she could very easily rest on her laurels, but that doesn’t seem to be her intention for the foreseeable future, and she seems to have an earnest desire to from branch out and try new things at every possible opportunity. Based on new developments, she appears to have aspirations to take her career to a darker, more serious place.
A new report from Deadline indicates that Amy Schumer has joined the cast of the war drama Thank You For Your Service. Based on a 2013 book of the same name, the film centers upon a handful of soldiers returning home from active duty in Iraq, and the struggles they face rejoining society. Thematically, the project deals with notions of war, death, depression, and posttraumatic stress caused by time on the battlefield. Jason Hall, who recently made a name for himself as the screenwriter for the Chris Kyle biopic American Sniper, will direct the film; the man knows his way around a hard-hitting drama centering on the hell of war. To put it bluntly, this is not Amy Schumer’s typical screwball comedy.
Delving into the world of drama is not necessarily a new endeavor for Amy Schumer. Her recent work in Trainwreck often got incredibly somber. However, even at that film’s most dramatic moments, it was still a comedy that took time to focus on serious matters. Thank You For Your Service represents her first genuine foray into the world of hardcore drama – and we have to say the idea of her branching out into new areas entices us.
It’s no secret that comedians sometimes make the best dramatic actors. From Robin Williams to Albert Brooks, many entertainers who got their start in wacky comedies often end up proving themselves to be incredibly versatile performers in dramatic roles. Whether it stems from their acute understanding of the human emotional spectrum, or the fact that comedy actually comes from a dark place, remains unclear, but we're in no position to complain about all of these phenomenal performances. If history is any indication, Ms. Schumer might show us she has muscles we never knew she had.
In addition to Amy Schumer, the project has also enlisted the acting talents of Miles Teller, Hayley Bennet, Joe Cole, and Jayson Warner Smith. We will keep you up to date regarding any and all news concerning Amy Schumer’s involvement in Thank You For Your Service. The film is expected to hit theaters sometime later this year.
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