Andrew Lincoln Turned Down Film Roles For Walking Dead Season Two

Rick Grimes in Walking Dead flashback to premiere
(Image credit: AMC)

After last night’s outstanding and outright terrifying The Walking Dead season premiere, we’ve got a little news about the show’s star Andrew Lincoln. Lincoln has knocked the lead role of Rick Grimes as far out of the park as humanly possible, and has grabbed the attention of Hollywood in the process.

The Englishman spent a lot of time on British TV before doing Love Actually, but that wasn’t quite the push into film he was looking for. The Walking Dead is a different story. Lincoln recently spoke with Total Film about his present and future and had this to say about his career and where he’d like to see it go:

There were three films that were very interesting, but unfortunately they clashed with filming dates for The Walking Dead. In one sense the runaway success of the show has been a double-edged sword because I also found myself doing a lot of publicity around the world before starting this new 13-part second season, so I wasn’t able to do any other work.

Not that the actor doesn’t want to work in film, he just hasn’t had the right timing to make it happen. But with AMC sparing no expense on the production of The Walking Dead, it seems that Lincoln’s itch for Hollywood film making is being sufficiently scratched.

We are making 13 hours of film, that was always the proviso – to shoot on film, to produce it filmically. Three days ago I was on set and there were eight cameras – five film ones and three mini cameras that they dig into the ground in weird places. I’ve never been on a movie set, let alone a TV set, that has had that amount. Then there’s the cranes and rigs, it’s phenomenal the ambition of how we’re shooting this – particularly as it’s all on location as well. I have to commend the crew, this crew is the best I’ve ever worked with.

As the star of a show like The Walking Dead, Lincoln won’t get much of an off-season once filming for the show wraps up since he’ll surely follow production up with publicity and then before you know it they’ll be back on set for season three. As The Walking Dead continues to be one of the best and most watched shows on TV, the film offers will likely continue to pour in for Lincoln, so here’s hoping the Brit finds the time for the big screen very soon.