Anna Faris Makes The House Bunny Look Dumb

If I had any hope for The House Bunny being a decent movie, it’s all gone now. The movie stars Anna Faris as a Playboy Bunny who hits the age ceiling (in her 20s) and is removed from the Playboy mansion. With nowhere else to go (God forbid she try to make it on her own), the character winds up as house mother for a local sorority, where she teaches the geeky girls there how to release their inner beauty, which probably involves showcasing outer beauty too.

If anyone but Anna Faris was starring in this I might give it half a chance. It really feels like the kind of vehicle Reece Witherspoon might have gotten involved with pre-Oscar attention. You know, another light hearted Legally Blonde type where we are forced to recognize stupid blondes are people too? In Faris’s hands, I just can’t take this seriously at all. Remember, Faris couldn’t even play a straight character in the heavy drama of Lost in Translation. She’s just too much of a joke.

If I didn’t believe that about Faris before, I certainly would now. MTV News has released a clip from the forthcoming film The House Bunny which shows Faris being shallow and dumb, alongside Superbad’s Emma Stone being geeky and dumb. At least the latter has an excuse as a socially inept character. What’s Faris’s excuse?

Check out the clip below. Is it just me or does this have “bomb” written all over it?