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Anne Hathaway The Latest Actress To Be Attached To Barbarella Remake?

Though we hear rumor about it every couple of months, one project that has been struck in development hell for years has been a remake of the 1968 sexy sci-fi film Barbarella. Spinning through directors like Robert Rodriguez and Robert Luketic and stars like Rose McGowan and Jessica Biel, the movie can't seem to ever get its act together. That doesn't mean that they are going to stop trying.

Pajiba has tweeted via their source, The Hollywood Cog, that Anne Hathaway is now "attached" to the Barbarella remake, which is currently without a director. It should be noted that I didn't add those quotations, meaning that a) the story could be based on a weak rumor b) she's still negotiating for the role or c) the project can't hold on to an actress to save its life. The latter half of the tweet means that Luketic, who signed on to the picture back in June of 2009, has also moved on. There doesn't seem to be any word if they'll be using Joe Gazzam's screenplay.

What's kind of strange about the casting choices thus far is that they've all been brunettes, while Jane Fonda, who originated the role, was very, very blonde. As for Hathaway doing the film, it's very outside her normative movie choices, which may very well be the idea. So what do we think? Anne Hathaway for Barbarella: yay or nay?

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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