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Earlier this week we showed you a clip from Tom Six's ass-to-mouth horror The Human Centipede that introduced you very calmly to the mad Dr. Deiter. Hulu, being the wonderful program that it is, got their hands on yet another clip from the film that seems to be getting a lot more attention than you might expect out of an independent horror film about sewing someone's mouth to someone else's rectum.

This new clip shows Heiter at work on his victims, presumably preparing them for the big surgery. One of the girls makes an escape attempt that will eventually prove useless, but shows off just how nutso the doctor really is. Watching him give chase and then bang on the locked door screaming at the escapee, you can't help but be wholly unsettled by his choice of words, his accent, and his body language. This guy is insane, and I can't wait to see him in his full glory April 30th.

Be warned though. While this video still isn't straight up disgusting, there's some blood involved and you see some skin getting ripped, so maybe be cautious if you're at work or squeamish.

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