Would you want to see Arrow star Stephen Amell as Christian Grey? The actor addressed the possibility while answering fan questions on his Facebook page, and from the sound of it, if there is any chance that the hooded superhero is going to take on the role of the male lead in the adaptation of E.L. James' steamy novel, we'll be waiting for it for a while. He says it's a "long way off." But not that long. But not close.
"I get questions about Christian Grey all the time. That project is a long way off. I know this because I had a meeting about it. A long way off. I mean, not that long. But not close. I wouldn't call it long. But I wouldn't call it close."

It seems like there's a note of humor in his tone and the way he keeps contradicting himself, but if we're taking him literally, "a long way off" is bad news for those fans of the book who are eager to see the feature adaptation, though it's not entirely surprising to hear that, considering the project still doesn't have a director, nor a female lead to play the role of Ana.

Earlier this week, Emma Watson shut down rumors of her own involvement in the film. But Amell doesn't exactly do that when answering the question. Instead, he says he's taken a meeting, which suggests he's in the running for the lead, or he was, and mentions that the project is a long way off. To state the obvious, given his commitments to Arrow, and the strong possibility that the CW series will be picked up for a second season, the production schedule for Fifty Shades would surely be a key factor for the actor's availability to play the part.

Perhaps he'll take another meeting once Focus Features and Universal get things in motion for the film. Last month, Universal Studio's Adam Fogelson said the film was "an absolute priority" for the studio. But if what Amell says is true, we could be waiting quite a while to see the film. In the meantime, fans can continue to speculate over who should play the role of the virginal college grad Anastasia Steele and the handsome, wealthy masochistic, and emotionally troubled Christian Grey for the film.

Would Stephen Amell make a good Christian Grey?

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