With legions of rave reviews and $166 million worth of satisfied moviegoers Looper is without a doubt one of the biggest successes of 2012. It’s also one of the most talked about, thanks to a twisty time-travel plot put together by the film’s writer-director Rian Johnson.

In short, when it comes to Looper odds are you walked away with almost as many questions as answers, and that’s part of the fun.

Now, as the movie nears its December 31st release on Blu-ray, Johnson is ready and willing to answer all your Looper questions, and he’ll be doing it right here, live, as part of the live chat embedded below. Join in, ask him anything. Our live chat with Rian Johnson kicks off right NOW! Participate using the app embeded below.

For more on Looper visit our dedicated Looper Channel.

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