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Aubrey Plaza Gets R-Rated And Raunchy In New To Do List Red Band Trailer

In The To Do List, the writing/directing feature debut of filmmaker Maggie Carey, Aubrey Plaza plays Brandy, a straight-laced, smart young girl with a promising future who has just graduated from high school as her class' valedictorian. But when she learns that college is where most young people start having sex, she makes it her mission to become as experienced as she can during the summer so that she will be ready for the fall. It's a premise that kind of requires curse words and sexual references to really get across, and, as as evidenced in the clip that was released back in April, the film doesn't really work when all of that good stuff is cut out. So it's nice that the latest trailer for the film, posted over on Yahoo!, is a pretty solid red band one.

One element that gives this project an interesting spin is that the story is set in the 90s, rather than in the present day. Ideally it could turn out to be something like Dazed and Confused or American Graffitti and really capture the spirit of the decade, but watching this trailer it's kind of hard to tell if it will trying that hard. Then again, if it wants to just focus on crude humor that's more than fine too - provided it's actually funny.

We've been waiting around for this project for years now - going back to when it was still called The Hand Job - but is now finally getting ready for release thanks to CBS Films. You'll be able to catch The To Do List in theaters on July 26th.

Eric Eisenberg

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