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Recent reports have indicated that James Cameron might already be working on Avatar 2 but the folks at Marketsaw, who came up with a lot of early scoops on the first film, say not so fast. They say those reports are inaccurate and that pre-production on the film is not yet underway. What’s more, even though Cameron is under “intense pressure” to make Avatar 2 right away, it’s not yet certain that it will be his next film.

Instead Cameron’s next movie could be something called The Dive, a romance story between divers. They say it definitely won’t be the long talked about Battle Angel, which is now on the outs. The Dive marries James Cameron’s favorite two things: unrealistic romance and underwater photography. This by the way, is the direction Cameron took after Titanic. He stopped making movies people cared about to make a bunch of movies no one was interested in, on the subject of deep sea diving. Will Cameron spend another decade underwater before he finally makes his Avatar sequel? Probably not.

Even though Cameron is still deciding what to do next, that doesn’t mean Avatar 2 isn’t being talked about and prepared on some level. Word from MarketSaw’s sources is that the plan is for the film to be a full-blown war movie. That makes sense, the human military had to show up eventually. The Na’vi have only won the first battle, not the war.

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