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Avatar seems to be the kind of movie that if not experienced in very specific circumstances (on a large, HD screen, in 3D), it comes off as cheesy and cartoonish. That's unfortunate for James Cameron and Fox. You can't make $250 million (which is how much Fox told the NY Times the movie would need to make to break even) on an obscure, odd-looking movie filled with blue aliens. But Fox thinks it's possible if you put "From The Director of Titanic" at the front of the trailer. I beg to differ. Titanic was a long time ago.

Below you'll find a brand new featurette that focuses on the dream James Cameron had that inspired the film. It includes some great images as well as new insight into the creation of Avatar. I want this movie to be a success even though it's not necessarily my cup of tea, but with its beefy budget and Fox's fumbling of the promotion, it's hard to imagine James getting his $250 million.

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