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Is The Avengers Really Not Finished? Robert Downey Jr. Says So

The Avengers had its big, splashy Hollywood premiere last night to great success, with plenty of moviegoers and critics-- including our own Eric Eisenberg-- thrilled to see how well Joss Whedon pulled off the massive superhero movie. Eric is at the junket for the movie right now in Los Angeles, and at the big press conference featuring the entire cast, Robert Downey Jr. dropped a tidbit that might mean the version of the movie that premiered last night isn't the final cut at all.

That's right-- according to Downey Jr., they're shooting another scene from The Avengers tonight, and "I'm not joking." He got the final word at the press conference, so there was no time to get clarification or figure out what on earth kind of scene they could be shooting for a movie that opens in three weeks. But if you need a hint, remember way back in the summer of 2011, when Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson were spotted shooting a scene for Captain America: The First Avenger in Times Square, just two months before the movie opened. That scene wound up being the movie's finale, when Nick Fury recruits Cap into The Avengers. Could the new movie be doing something similar?

It's surprisingly fun to think that The Avengers still might have another surprise in store, and even those who were at the big Los Angeles premiere might not know everything. We'll let you know if Eric learns anything else about this new secret scene at the press conference, and of course we'll all be able to see for ourselves when the movie opens May 4.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend