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I’m really starting to love DreamWorks’ marketing campaign for Bee Movie. We’ve been watching teasers for it for months now, and the movie isn’t out till November. The funny thing is, even though we’ve all seen several hilarious trailers for the film so far, we haven’t actually seen any footage from the film. Until now that is. The newest Bee Movie trailer is here, and this one actually clues you in on what the movie is about. Besides being a movie about a bee that is. A bee voiced by Jerry Seinfeld.

In it, Seinfeld voices a bee who wants to get out of the hive and see the world outside. He does, and doesn’t know he’s not supposed to talk to humans, and so he does that too. After she gets over the initial shock of a talking bee, he befriends a woman voiced by Renee Zellwegger.

Like all the other Bee Movie trailers we’ve seen, this one is really funny. It’s not just funny though, it’s pretty visually entertaining as well. Even if the script sucks and the jokes fall flat, it looks like the film will be worth seeing for some pretty well executed, high-energy flying sequences in which Bee-feld zips in and around New York.

Get moving and check out the great new trailer for Bee Movie in sweet high-def by clicking here.