We all know that “red band” means NSFW, but take note that the F-bombs in this preview are combined with some partial male nudity and a big fake dong, just in case you thought keeping the volume down would keep you safe...

For his first film, director Tom Gormican seemingly wanted to see if he could make a movie with only a miniscule amount more masculine charm than Bob Gosse's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and judging from the above preview, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, he has done just that. I've spent most of my life avoiding friendships that only boiled down to “bros looking for pussy,” since those guys tend to be the most boring people imaginable. Somehow That Awkward Moment takes its best actor, Michael B. Jordan, and makes him even more boring than co-stars Miles Teller and Zac Effron by having him not talk about banging girls the whole time.

In the movie our three leads play twenty-something best friends who find themselves entering that stage in a relationship where things become something more than just a notch in a belt of sexual conquests (Even the title That Awkward Moment frustrates me, as it’s one of the most annoying social media sentence starters that ever existed). Jason (Effron) and Daniel (Teller) are under the impression that being single is more important than having anything in common with a female. And then they meet females that they have things in common with, and oh boy, are there complications! At least the girls, played by Addison Timlin and Imogen Poots, are tolerable.

This is a movie where a guy gives his two friends Viagra (or something similar) and tells them it’s a mint. But seeing as how you initially suck on a mint, there would be no danger in swallowing it right away, so there would be no danger in getting a long-lasting erection from this stupid plan. Yet they take the pills and end up having to urinate while planking across the toilet. On the phone with each other, no less.

Admittedly, the only time I even smiled while watching this trailer was after Jason shows up at the “dress up” party and he goes in to meets Poots’ character’s mother, and his fake penis goes into her drink. It’s completely immature, but I couldn’t help but giggle. Shame they had to ruin it with an obvious "cocktail" joke.

There is always a chance that this preview is skewing what the real film will be like, and that this will end up being the Citizen Kane of male-driven rom coms. But my guess is it’ll be the same kind of tripe that we are used to seeing in this sub-genre.

Now excuse me while I go drown my eyeballs in lemon juice and soap to wash away the sight of Effron’s nude side-ass.

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